Free Life Time Adjustment

Our Bicycle Service CenterJ&S Cyclery will provide the following adjustments free to the original owner of a new bicycle purchased from our bike shop for as long as he or she owns the bicycle. This service is equal in value to our minor tune up. Most cyclists will need two tune ups per year.

1. Brake adjustments

  • Proper tension of cables
  • Alignment of brake pads
  • Centering of calipers
  • Lubricate if needed

2. Derailleur (gear) adjustments

  • Proper tension of cables
  • Set high and low stop screws
  • Set indexing adjusting barrel screw
  • Lubricate if needed

3. Bearing tension adjustment

  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket
  • Wheel axle cones

4. General

  • Check tightness of all essential parts
  • Adjust seat height if needed
  • Check for proper tire inflation
  • Lubricate chain
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